hii guys how are you guys doing ? lately I have applying to several store to have a casual part timer, I’m not sure I’m excited but nervous at the same times, there are things that I don’t want to be a burden for my parents too. but anyhow lets talk about athletes that actually […]

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Hii guys, sorry for being MIA for several days there are school/university task(s) that I need to do, and yeah the late submission by my group was a little bit of drama yesterday, but everything should be fine. I know I have not post a lot of Japanese or Korean artists lately, its because I […]

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I found that card on tumblr, and I think that guy need to be given an award for collecting the cards since 1998. The reason why because I want to look how Steven Gerrard is evolving in all those years with the team that he supported, and played. His last World Cup was back in […]

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+laver cup+

So Laver Cup is around the corner as well, so for those who doesn’t know what is Laver Cup is, its a tournament based on a team. The teams are Team Europe vs Team World, it was named after the tennis legend Rod Laver, the tournament was made  Roger Federer’s management company, TEAM8, Brazilian businessman and former Davis Cup player Jorge […]

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+champion league+

Champion League is back, and what do you guys think about it ? its almost like a World Cup, but only on the European League, and definitely if you missed the World Cup you can still able to find your favourite stars, or I can linked my favourite players 🙂 🙂 and definitely we got […]

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+Robbie Williams+

Lately I love going back to the songs that I listened to when I was a kid, Robbie Williams is one of them, but I particularly loving Angels right now, as its showing a lot of emotions on the song, I used to love Candy as well due to its comical way of parodying the […]

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Nam Taehyun just released a new music called Star. The music video was released through Genie’s YouTube channel. It’s very interesting to see how Nam Taehyun approaching his music direction, at first definitely it was sad when he left WINNER, but I feel like the music that’s he offered to the public is more towards […]

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So Eminem replied the MGK dissed track with Killshot, and its so brutal 🙂 I have to say at this point that no one should making a beef with Eminem. Machine Gun Kelly burst to dissed Eminem after the song Not Alike by Eminem, brought back the topic of MGK mentioning Hailie, by commenting her […]

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+LeBron James+Kevin Durrant+

Hii guys, I hope everyone is doing well with the university things, and I’m doing pretty well I believe. I finished up with my YouTube class, and just now I saw LeBron James released the track IT AIN’T EASY featuring Kevin Durant. According to some of the news the track was actually recorded back in […]

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+K Pop Recap+

So hii guys so the long awaiting comeback of Song Minho finally being updated by the YG boss, Yang Hyunsuk through his social media. Well to those who are Song Minho’s fangirl, be ready because new music is coming up. The post also consisting a little bit spoiler of Song Minho’s music, which I think […]

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