“Every musician tries to blend in some reggae. It’s the only music that brings all people together, different races, different religions. “- Burning Spear

Some people may questioned why there is an = sign…. Find out what’s going on below….


If you realised ages ago people categorized songs to rock, pop, reggae, and more..but in the past few years artists like Linkin Park often mixing rap with their rock background, and the influence of the K-Pop industry that has the tendency of mixing rap with bubble pop, pop, R&B and more. Even more collaborations between two different artists with different background happened more often, for example Maroon 5 with Wiz Khalifa, and lately Thirty Seconds to Mars are back with the new album, one of the songs titled One Track Mind also featured A$AP Rocky.

But A$AP Rocky was not the first rapper that Jared Leto and crew collaborated ages ago for their album This Is War back in 2009-ish they collaborated with Mr. Kanye West (YESS  I RUN FOR KANYE 2020 ) for the remix of Hurricane, below is the remix version they have the music video I will linked the director’s cut ones, since it is more age appropriate.

Even back in 2015-ish Taylor Swift Bad Blood the track that purposedly to dissed Katy Perry featured Kendrick Lamar. Although that the track was described by the critics as cliché and recieved more negative the reviews it was the turn table when it got to the remix version. George Seabrook of The Edge awarded the song four and half stars out of five, and called it “glorious” and “intoxicating”. He praised the song for “Lamar’s simple, brutally effective verses…. Anyway I love you Taylor (old ones and new ones). Back in 2017 Taylor Swift is back with the Reputation album one of the song featured Future and Ed Sheeran I thought its kind of peculiar to listen Taylor to expreriment with R&B, Hip Hop genre of Taylor, but I guess its the opposite the track is one of my favourite.

Here’s one of the reason I think why people love to collaborate with other artist for their music.

“First and foremost, writing an album has to be a creative process for us. I want all six of us in the band to love it. Getting there is usually a product of experimentation and creative stretching, not to mention a lot of time.” Mike Shinoda on Hypebeast Interview

As a rapper, singer, composer, and basically everything on his band Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda also stated few artists like Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, and the A$AP group inspired him to make music, other than that other rock artist also inspired him.

” I feel like the heavier stuff isn’t as innovative as I want it to be, and a lot of artists are tending toward the other end of the spectrum, towards indie / pop stuff, which I feel is getting a bit over-saturated and boring. When an artists blend complex styles in a tasteful or fun way–like Purity Ring, Santigold, Haim, or Arctic Monkeys, I think that’s exciting.” – Mike Shinoda on Hypebeast Interview

I guess that’s the reason why these days its hard to differentiate which one is a pop, R&B, genre because mixing stuffs can be fun.. its like when you eat Nobu at somewhere outside Japan..its a Japanese food but not really Japanese, but its still good


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