If I can spend my life with you EVERYDAY, may you’ll always be happy EVERYDAY

“Whenever it rains, I’ll think you’re feeling down from now on. It’s not like I have anyone else to rely on, now I’ll have to worry about you on top of that” -Ji Eun Tak-


Well I guess they have the reason why they are called WINNER because they proofed that they are the winner anyways..They got a lot of obstacles, having hiatuses, losing a member that left them to have another hiatus..on the meantime the member Song Minho joined Show Me the Money 4 during the hiatuses, left him got more pressure, but its a kind of double edges sword, at the same time he got popularity that he deserved..

The reason its a double edge sword the sentenced “the winner is going to be song minho anyways” left an impression that because he got a big agency behind him, he got everything. But at the same time people dissed him a lot, left him to gain more haters apparently..but he shut everyone with Fear…even until now Show Me the Money anthem is actually Fear…

But another storm came to WINNER, when Nam  Taehyun left the ageny, letting the project EXIT : E being left out, and not able to be released…:( well but it is another double edge sword.. Nam Taehyun able to find his own colour, but at the same time he gained haters too 😦 (everyone an artist has to grow, sometimes its not like what you expect)

But WINNER cameback really strong with the song Really Really that ended up as one of the biggest hits back in 2017, downloaded more than 100 millions streams, and the first and only one as boygroup while its still charting. The song is really still charting even until now 🙂

WINNER daebak 🙂 ❤ thank you MINO for letting me know about WINNER after SHOW ME THE MONEY, but thanks to EVERY MEMBER that make everyone able to love WINNER and every team of WINNER that make everything be possible until this day 🙂

What I love about Winner is they have different colours compare to other groups, they may not look as sexy as other artists that showing their abs etc…but they are able to relate their music towards the fans and public so, even they may not the biggest boy group in South Korea, their fans are really the public, and that is a fair judgement, not from bias ❤

And I know that some people commented that the songs have auto tuned, and some of it are not really the Winner that they fell in love it.. but its like “the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now..” like an artist should grow out of their comfort zone..it’s like if I am saying I don’t like the new 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park right now because they are sounds pop-ier than before..(but don’t worry I am not that kind of fan)….

I accept changes (trying at least) there are page in life where I feel like I need to move on and that’s the job as an artist..growing explore what they felt 🙂 at least they work heart people 🙂 some people said they should try hip hop vibes.. they put it out and people disappointed.. It’s like nothing is going to be perfect you know few years ago I purchased Maroon 5 album Overexposed but it turns out I only loved few songs not the whole thing 🙂 so its normal.. the newest Taylor Swift album.. people were like it doesn’t suit her..even myself thinking the same okay it may not be related but the one with Future, and Ed Sheeran..at first I don’t really like it..because she shed this innocent with it but I have to deal with it mann..like its her journey and not mine 🙂 so I appreciate her experiments with music 🙂


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