“Maybe I’m still rebelling against her..” Kohh on his mother on VICE

KOHH is a rapper from Japan that I really a fan of, simply because he looks so cool with his fashion style. Not only fashion Kohh is a talented guy 🙂 he did acting too, he did act on Tokyo Tribe. Tokyo Tribe is a movie adaptation from manga with the same name, long story short the movie featured few rappers too just like in High and Low, lately I love Japanese movie a lot 🙂 I miss Asian culture lately 🙂 KOHH is actually is KOHH’s father surname, Kohh’s real name is actually Yuki Chiba, his grandma raised him back then because her mother was an addict.

KOHH tempo is very unique with his tone too, he had featured with other artists too like Keith Ape, Loota, Dutch Montana, and many more, and actually one of his music video featured in World Star Hip Hop YouTube channel called Glowing Up someone even commented

ыøødy2 years ago

Kohh is better than 90% of the artists posted on this channel and he doesn’t even rap in English…”

KOHH has one younger brother whose stage name is Lil KOHH, surprisingly Young Forever meant to be a funny video that he wanted to put on YouTube, but it became a hit in Japan

“Frank Ocean invited me (to work with him), and I ended up recording in his studio in London,” Kohh recalls. “As for what we have in common… well, we both make music?” – Dazed Digital with KOHH

“Maybe his death affected me..” KOHH on Dazed Digital 

KOHH father had suicide when he was young, I personally think that’s the reason why he did song that related to death as well. I don’t understand Japanese, but I love the rhyme and the flow of his rap 🙂 maybe I directly transcribed the meaning of the song titled.

“I’m just a rapper who likes fashion; I’m not trying to do anything special.”- KOHH HYPEBEAST INTERVIEW

I really love KOHH because he got this IDGAF attitude that not all celebrity got. For me judging by social medially KOHH is one of the most known celebrity that not swaggering about their life, but people respect their talents like Hypebeast Magazine, World Star Hip Hop, Vice Japan, Dazed Digital internationally.. 🙂 He even rubbed shoulder with Frank Ocean right now for the single Nikes Extended edition 🙂  One of my favourite song from KOHH is actually Real Love 🙂 and the song with Utada Hikaru is the best 🙂

Nikes ft KOHH

Real Love

宇多田ヒカル ft KOHH

KOHH also get a song called Airplane, he stated if he talked about money,sex, and drugs on his songs later he will get boring with the song. I think the song Airplane is one of my favourite song by KOHH so far, I think I could relate to KOHH’s songs thats more showing more about affections like Real Love, Where You At ?, and Airplane.

If you want to see KOHH’s crew you can check VICE JAPAN YouTube 🙂 they called themselves Riverside Mobb, because they live near Sumida River 🙂 I can’t wait for KOHH next music 🙂  I’M A FAN 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤

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