Kendrick Personal Thoughts Brought Me Be A Better Person

“If I want to idolize somebody, I’m not going to do a scary monster, I’m not gonna do another artist or a human being — I’m gonna idolize the Master, who I feel is the Master, and try to walk in His light. It’s hard, it’s something I probably could never do, but I’m gonna try. Not just with the outfit but with everyday life. The outfit is just the imagery, but what’s inside me will display longer.”- Kendrick Lamar on Fader


Frank Micelotta / AP

Lamar’s touring set in 2013, including a prop wall emblazoned with the message “Jesus Is Lord.”

 “We’re all put on this earth to walk in His image, the Master,” – Kendrick Lamar Houston’s 93.7

Today I went to my Friday Gathering, and discuss on how we can be a blessings to other people :). I’ve told other so many times that I’ve difficulty on accepting myself even I’m still trying now. Today we discuss that in order to be a blessings, people need to see us that we’ve something “sparks” from ourselves, thus we need to live by His image. Living by His image including loving others unconditionally, put aside our ego.

Rome 12 : 6

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with youra]”>[a]faith;

I’m a skeptical person so I can’t accept asseveration that way to sugar coated :). Because a lot of people always judge book by each cover, or they mostly said “they deserve that because he/she is a sinner”. I never able to accept my weaknesses, and its my weakness :). But with me doing that I don’t live up to His image. Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest example out there, for today’s generations he is relatable 🙂 (end quote)

My life is not perfect, but I believe it will formed a nice puzzle at the end, because it supposed to be like that. I’m not saying that my surrounding acted mean to me..But I never fit to anyone, and most of the time I don’t feel I’m normal either. I did got judge to my favourite music taste and my accessories choice (my AMBUSH stuffs).. some people scared with me, because I look cold and mean…and sometimes it pushes me away, and made me questions “why i am like this..or why i don’t look like them” but actually I have my own purpose. I don’t feel I’m weird when I looked up to Kendrick in a good way, spreading the love without judging.











We’re in the last days, man — I truly in my heart believe that. It’s written. I could go on with Biblical situations and things my grandma told me. But it’s about being at peace with myself and making good with the people around me.”- Kendrick Lamar on Billboard

I honestly never thought that someone like Kendrick actually put himself with God above all, and openly speaks about Him through the media, thus I learn that you can spread the words through your talents, and without being judgemental is the most important key.

“My words will never be as strong as God’s word. All I am is just a vessel, doing His work.”- Kendrick Lamar

I noticed that Kendrick grew up in a tough neighbourhood, but it doesn’t mean it make him a less better person compare to you and me. There is this stigma sometimes that prevent us to be the vessel of His words, which is discrimination. While actually we learn to love each other, and unconditionally, this thing could be my problem as well since grew up in almost a homogenous society so its hard to accept strangers. It is hard sometimes being a role model, especially if we live in the spotlight, I don’t hate other rappers, lets say we’re all human since 🙂 hence nobody’s perfect.

If people who read this said why this blog turned into devotion, nope its not its just my opinion on how I relate to an artist, we can be blessings for our community, or stand up for them with out talent.

I respect all believes and no matter what’s your believe is actually I love you no matter what and where you’re :). Its almost hard not to swear a word, but again it can be from your are where you grew up, and the background of your community, God won’t hate you through your cover, He looks at everyone of us, and we have purpose.



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