Shinobi Ninja made it with LOVE

What If Times don’t get no better than this? No

One time I was a kid with nothing I’m absolutely in love with writing and blogging one time I open up my twitter account and find out the message and SHINOBI NINJA messaged me its like OMG….

If you may not know about Shinobi Ninja, they are

  • Baby G
  • Alien Lex
  • Duke Sims
  • Kid Shreddi
  • Axis Powers
  • Terminator Dave

As Baby G was a professional performer she to dance for amazing artists that I also admire such as Rihanna (Bad Girl RIRI ❤ ) Jason Derulo, and Nelly ( I love Nelly’s Just a Dream ❤ OMG I’m so old now hahaha 20 y.o ) and she formed the band back in 2008, and the band is worth to checking it out since they have performed in shows like SXSW so this is their What If Times (Official) (SHOT ON A CELL PHONE!!!) ❤

When I heard the song that was released back on 2014 was so much meaningful, and full of thoughts. The song itself highlighted the whole world of childhood and family.

What if times don’t get no better than this Was a kid on the block with a ball and mitt

Yeah the struggle continues but refuse to stop Yeah you gotta keep it moving til we reach the top

The song itself give another people of hope for those who live in a tough conditions, honestly meaning tough can be anything ; school/university, financial, relationship with family or friends and more. And although the hardship/struggle itself is real you gotta to move gurlll


What if times don’t get no better than this
Now I’m all grown up same thoughts still exist
Still hoping and praying I can give more to my moms
So I stay in the studio writing songs
They say things could get much better
Work real hard then comes that cheddar
I say were gon’ make it through
This ones for you dear mamma, Uh

Although our hardship sometimes make you and me be like…I’m done with this or probably I’m not worth of living or whatever…but HELLL NOOO !!! just because you can’t achieve what you want right now it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it later right ? and if your dream doesn’t scare you enough it means you’re not a dreamer ❤ ❤  Hardwork is real in life, so you gotta make it work no matter how difficult it is and how long is the journey. The whole song is full with optimistic lyrics and give you hope for sure check them out ❤

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