Mr. Ryu is Waiting for You


By the way guys I found this unexpectedly, and I don’t think its ony YouTube, so Ryu Imaichi got two videos from like a month ago, the videos were shot and directed by Benny Nicks. For the record Benny Nicks worked with Usher, and many high coveted clients profile like Bamford Watch Department, and Adidas. I didn’t know about these songs and apparently I love the musics for both.

Both videos are amazing, although to be honest the vibes of the videos themselves are not the type of the video that I could enjoy. But the song is super cool, and if you’re into USHER, Ne-Yo, and John Legend, definitely I would recommend you to listen to both songs. I’m not really a fan of music videos too anyways, but its one way to approach the fans for the album too 🙂 because first I can fall in love with the songs without watching the music video, that’s why I listen to the beat, because its the most important, and definitely the characteristic of the voice of the singer 🙂 so if they have such an amazing tone that will help to love the song as well. And as for now that’s my first thought guys 🙂 Have a blessed Sunday

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