Shinee is Back


Shinee is back, although its a good news for them to passed 10 years and a comeback, but fans seems still saddened for what happen last year. They are back as a quartet, and I understand that the fans will always be the best Shinee supporters, for this post I’m going to say what I think about their music video 🙂


Their song for this comeback is Good Evening, by the way I love the aesthetics of it. Its very dreamy like, and their song is amazing. I love both the music direction, and the video 🙂 as for the rap part I think Choi Minho killed it, and there are some speculations that actually Jonghyun the late member appeared on the music video as well, as a shadow.

I think sometimes shadow can be represent as a guardian angel I supposed, they may not be there physically, but actually they are there for you for no matter when and where you are 🙂 ❤ Their music video is very dreamy, galaxy like and there’s a lot of blue colour on it, and blue is soo peaceful to me, and its my favourite colour. I think its also the best tribute to comeback as 5 for giving Jonghyun part of the shadow.

The also have the music video for I Want You, for me I really love the music video, because its really refreshing, I think the MV is a little bit under rated compare to the other MV. I think there is a connection from the first MV to I Want You, because in both MVs they have the well. and all of them sort of looking inside the well. The colour schemes of both MVs are related as well, so I can’t wait for the rest of the album being released as a music video if the company let them to do that.

I more enjoying the I Want You song because its more chill and having strong R&B vibes into it, the finishing of the MV reminding me of the Love Me Love Me by WINNER, except WINNER did it on the outdoor scenes. The similar thing is that they have the filter thing going on, but I’ve no complain for that since the music is really nice. Furthermore I could say you guys need to check Shinee for more.

Sometimes life is not always work according to your plan, and sometimes there are things that happened across out mind. But congratulations for the comeback, I know its not what everybody thoughts when they formed as a group, but each individuals have work really hard until today 🙂 and I wish you guys all the best for your future careers for solos, and as a group.

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