Are you guys excited for Mike Shinoda’s newest album this June ? if yes we’re on the same page, he recently collaborated with artists like Machine Gun Kelly, and Blackbear, and more..So in the recent day Mike released a music video for the song Ghosts, and the way of the music video was done is super cute, using the sock doll, and in the video you can also seeing the art that Mike Shinoda did by himself.

So just to let you guys know as well, ages ago I want to be a painter, and I still want to but during my university life..something happened and I change my major. I was having a difficult times on findings ideas for each weeks and I change my major, to International Business, still its not really a smooth journey but I managed by 1st year 🙂 Musically speaking I love the way Mike Shinoda finished the whole thing, because its still representing Mike Shinoda’s unique music, its more like genre-less-ish. Firstly you can hear that Mike kind of rapping but not really rapping, and the beat its like alternative rock style-ish, in which its the style that Linkin Park and Fort Minor done in the past. Furthermore do young people might looking forward to this ? I mean for sure like Mike is really active for having in touch with the fans through social media, and definitely the younger fans of Linkin Park that born in the year 1998 (me) and 2000s are also sharing the music on social media, and definitely the genre is more approachable since having that hip hop feels is really helping you to be in the trend right now. Although actually Mike already part of the rapper on his solo activities and Linkin Park, but mostly the younger generations especially from Asia, kind of losing in touch with the American music from the 1990s, soo anyways congratulations for the release Mike

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