Music From Japan that You Should Know

Actually I’ve no idea what the song is really talking about, but music wise and music video wise I love itt sooo badddd, I mean I love Kenshi Yoneshu right, and he’s one of my current favourite to listen to 🙂 because some of his songs are just way to amazing, and his music videos contained something like dark but not to dark, and they also have contemporary dance, for the record I haven’t put his Mad Head Love video so I put it now.

忘れないよ の the song literally meaning I will not forget in which pretty sad, I think its pretty relatable song when you miss someone that you really the most. Besides I’m a fan of Thelma Aoyama too, her voice is just so beautiful and very calming too, although her recent songs are more happy and more upbeat but I don’t mind I still love all of her stuffs.

We have RADVIMPS on the next ones, because Japan always known for the J Rock industry. But if you look at the J Rock bands in Japan somehow I noticed that they kind of rapping in some parts soo I really love that parts I feel like thats cool, and awesome. Its hard to say but even until now you can see the music in Japan is still unique and you can notice it directly its from Japan.

I also in love with Daoko if you know about her, what I really love about the Japanese music industry is that they are really go hard on the music videos, like they’re not only pay attention on the dance moves but also the unique and weird things that they’re approaching. But to be honest with you I don’t think the weirdness is bad, its awesome because they’re bold to take that path.

If you said that Japanese music all about the good girl Kawaii image you guys are wrong. This group is where the good girls gone bad and they’re not coming back..You guys need to check the BANANA LEMON girls, they’re dope AF and with that girl crush image they’re cool, and their voices are amazing too.

Also I can’t leave MIREI as well which I also discussed on my post J Artist Edition 🙂 but I mean her voice its just so beautiful and I love the R&B vibes from her. I feel like the J Pop fans need to be louder than usual so that their favourite artists are not going to get bashed for being called to copy someone else or what so ever.

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  1. RisefromAshes says:

    Another Bananalemon fan!! Yay!!


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