Higher Brothers


credit to Paper

Well because I’m a Chinese Indonesian background I think its so much fun when you get to see Chinese, and any other Asian people kind of getting the attention from the Western countries. Although these days people more recognized us for the coolness, but we’re always be that cool since the beginning. Thanks to social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and 88rising. That actually helped the Asian community to be more recognizable. This time I really want to review about the Higher Brothers.

The group have been making headlines everywhere, like with Hypebeast, Great Big Story, and Paper magazine. The first thing that you noticed is that actually they are rapping in Chinese, not in English, so they still keeping that culture.

A lot of kids these days are actually having the identity crisis, to make them acceptable in certain community, they dressed accordingly to get the acceptance. Especially when they looked up at certain celebrities. However with the 88rising people you can see that actually they keep doing what they’re doing, without forcing to certain extent so that they can be acceptable in the Western community.

If you see the song Made in China, they really making fun of themselves, like everything made in China, but apparently its true though, even rappers like KYLE, Migos, and Lil Yachty approved that they’re dope. I mean like there are artists out there that try to grabbed the attention from the Western community, but at the same time they try to change the identity, and became a more Americanised.. in which I think its a sad think because, we’re cool and dope with our culture.

Also with the current situation, I think that the internet, and other things 🙂 language barriers is not the biggest problems anymore. I mean the YouTube CC is super helpful on reading the subtitles given at any songs, so no matter if you sing in Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese this still manageable and people still enjoying the hype. Higher Brothers have been collaborated with artists like Joji, Rich Brian, Jay Park and Famous Dex, I really see the reason why they’re so fun to look up for.

Last but not least this is the video where the rappers react to Higher Brothers.

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