Hii guys I know that you guys might be a little confused on why I posted bible verses or gospel songs, but at times where I’m not really comfort, or feel at peace these songs kind of help to cheer me up, that there’s nothing to worry about, and everyone make mistakes, and I just confessed it through this blog. I hope you guys understand. By the way you got to see Kendrick Lamar, BeWhy, Kanye West, twenty one pilots at the end of the page, and the music are listenable to everybody… 🙂 


8 Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 
9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.
I grew up in a household that really hold the believe that your belief is your ground. If you know about Koro’s Big Day Out that only played in Ghibli Museum, I probably the dog, Koro.
I never listened to my master, and run away, as a result I lost in the middle of no where, but my master look out a way to find me and bring me back to the home where it will take care of me. Take care in this case is not the perfect 100% comfort, definitely there are rough ones, I think Koro’s Big Day Out is similar to the story of the lost lamb, and the shepherd.  I just want to know that there’s nothing that you can do when you’re to stress, because you can’t help yourself.






I do realised that there are times where I took those grace for granted, like having my major change, and that’s it, my parents got me stuffs even if I’m not accomplished at certain tasks, I never really grateful sometimes, and always blaming, and complaining, people called me to have an alibi sometimes. But I realised that there’s one person that actually never really judged me because of the things that I do, that’s God himself, after I got those failure, and sadness. I realised that He actually gave me a thing, that I never judge people according to their looks, race, gender, or belief, I got that back in 2016-ish when I have my failure. The next song kind of giving me the idea, of everybody is accepted, and I think I try to have that in my life, because I’m not fully accepted myself too.







One of the problem here is that I never “let go” the things that always be my burden, and I try to carry it by myself, although you can’t do it. I try to be strong, and I try to be by my own strength and the fact you can’t do that. Like just in case my post is more concentrating on my belief I’ll add some Kendrick Lamar’s Fear. If you see at the lyrics actually Kendrick also give an example of Job, where he got temptation, but yet he’s still faithful, because I think faith is a believe where you believe without seeing.

 Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.


A lot people sometimes mistakenly judge me through the music that I love, but actually I also pay attention to the artists, on what they want to say to the audience. Believe it or not actually twenty one pilots also having a great songs for gospel music, its literally amazing, because I’m the type of person who believed after seeing things that similar to me, like rejection, and despair that I experienced. Sometimes I feel like a lot of attestation stories are way being sugar coated, but I think that’s my grace I could accept someone with tougher background, and I’m not scared with people based on their looks or background. But if I haven’t failed at least ones, or experience rejection I’ll never be able to accept those people because I think I’m great enough and I’m the best.







If God is way to judgemental He won’t use the former gangster to be a preacher for his community right ? I mean I may not use a drug or doing similar things, but I realised that I’m a little bit a rascal, I mean I never really have a good relationship with my Dad (trying to work on it), also I use to have my devotion everyday, but I’m currently not, but I still accept the grace that I shouldn’t get. But anyways there are a lot of people that proofing even if you have tons/dozens of haters but if you have/believe in God like Kendrick, Kanye they’re way still successful right ? or if you’re a K Pop fans you definitely know BeWhy, those people never scared/shy to talk about God in public, so I think that’s my grace… 🙂






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