PS I don’t want to start a fan war etc, its purely what I think, but definitely you guys can comment whatever you want to say to me. 



Dear  Fans,

Dear the fans, I do understand that you guys really want your idol to be noticed by the world, but sometimes you guys just way to crazy over things. These are the common things that I found from the internet.

Streaming, and leading the war within fans 

Guys I know that streaming is so important, and eventually it actually helps the popularity of the idol to be noticed by the international fans/music fans. But sometimes streaming is not really a fair judgement for music. There are some songs that amazing but it doesn’t got 100 Million Views like, Fearless by Taylor Swift, artists like Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem got some music videos that’s not even have 100 Million Views.

There are artist from South Korea that deserve more like artists from Planetarium. They have amazing music, but they have less views from the fans. But I think the current K Pop songs have this heavy beat for dancing, and excessive dance move, well it looks cool at the first few months, but definitely you’ll not listen to those music when you’re stress right ?






Fanwar because they look alike

Guys just because they have similar concept doesn’t mean they copy each other, remember K Pop idols are being produced by the company, and its almost like when I make something, and I want to make it perfect, I added the new formula right ? that’s what happened, BLACKPINK and 2NE1 are different, if they look a like of course they’re from the same agency, and they have the same producer..remember they are being trained years under the label, and yass the next generations supposedly continue their senior, and iKon is different than WINNER, their concepts are different, well the boys have to produce their own music mostly. Its all about preference guys, for example (in which I do) I prefer WINNER, because they have more chill vibes, and R&B, they have songs that are not only about love, and they don’t have excessive dance moves, yet I think they’re under rated.








They don’t accept critics 

Remember guys if you look up at the 1990s Japanese Pop is widely popular compare to K Pop industry, and that’s a fact. Artist like Younha, BoA are hugely popular in Japan, I think even until now, If you see, the K Pop industry tend to choose Japan as their secondary market sales, you can see BIGBANG, TVXQ did that. You need to ask a question why ? Japan is one of the most powerful country for its entertainment,  you can see like Manga, Anime, their city also so lively. It means South Korea music industry still see that they’re a good opportunity to invest for international market 🙂 and if you see the style basically K Pop is a mixture of America Pop, with a little bit Japanese style…if you see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fashion/music video you can see this type of influence in 2010s K Pop music. I don’t hate 2NE1, just example for the style. 








Fighting because of YouTube Views 

Guys I know K Pop is really huge right now, but sometimes I feel like they’re over rated, and sometimes they a little bit “self centered”. They have congratulations poster for every 100 Million Views right ? if you see artists like Kenshi Yonezu, he got 101 Million Views and he’s a soloist, the music video released in 3 moths, in which G Dragon’s Untitled 2014 released longer than that I don’t hate G Dragon, but the fans always comparing YouTube views in which I don’t really like. 










Jay Chou also get more than 100 Million Views but he never made a poster of it, actually the poster itself kind of the trigger for a fanwar, they start to decide which idol is most popular ones…I do get it its important, but I don’t think its really a big deal. Although in a way its also helping the artist to gain more popularity faster with the poster of 100 Million Views being published.

And that’s all my rant, I do love some Korean music, but sometimes the fans are just way to crazy to handle. 


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