The British Boy Band You Should Know

I think if we talked about British boy band you guys will mentioned One Direction right ? But actually there are more, although I also love some of 1D’s music but two of my favourite is Blue and The Wanted

cred to Dawson’s Garden World 



With Blue you can see more of the relaxing R&B vibes among the music, and I could say there’s similarity with the Backstreet Boys hehehe I suddenly in love with the 90s boyband (Backstreet Boys), although I don’t know the member of Blue one by one but I do love their music in general. Firstly for me as a grow up, I start to recognized myself that I often being way to paranoid over things, hence I need  to calm myself down like being writing a blog, or just pure relaxing by going out somewhere. Recently I’m not really into a fast beat, happy, or dance type songs, actually it makes me a little bit more stressful for no reasons. I personally think that Blue is one of the musicians out there that a little bit under rated :[ they really famous with the song One Love, but that happened when the social media was not a huge deal, and you can only view music video through MTV, and these days you can view your favourite music from YouTube, so in a way I could see why its hard to compete with the fans from the musicians with the social media background.

But some of the music video from Blue also have such a simple directed music video, that give you the vibes of being way not too much, a  lot of artist these days just make on your face video, and its too much. Sometimes its just pulls the direction of the music itself, and the music video became one major thing in this era..#viewsdoesn’tmatter

(by the way I’m still way to guilty (what I’ve done) and I just want to apologize hehehe for my ranting on some of my posts)


Next up we have The Wanted, at the time The Wanted being active they were rival with One Direction. But problem here is that most of the fans of One Direction is a younger girls, and The Wanted is more mature boy group compare to One Direction. Musical style they are more different, some of the music videos are more explicit compare to One Direction’s (I Found You). I have to agree that One Direction’s songs are more approachable to the audience compare to them. The Wanted have the R&B, Dance background as their music, and my favourite one is Heart Vacancy and Losing My Mind. Also for most of the songs by The Wanted are more directed to a love songs, in which the love songs are more falling to adults love scenarios, while One Direction is tend to have this teenagers feelings 🙂 but I think the One Direction’s member are also growing up with the music that they are into 🙂

Again both songs have this slow beats rather than a hyped up beats, I like The Wanted since 2011, and currently they are having hiatus…its a bit sad because I haven’t seen them in live concert or something. Fortunately the members are still doing some music, like Nathan Sykes, he collaborated with Ariana Grande and also G-Eazy 🙂

so I think those two are my favourite you can tell yours on my comment section 🙂 ❤

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