She was one of the member of the most popular (the now disbanded) Wonder Girls, back in 2017 after the expiry of her contract with JYP Entertainment, she decided to part ways with the agency that brought her up to stardom, to much a smaller company. However for me, looking at the music given by the “independent” companies, and the big 3 companies, they are all offering the music that are all worth it to listen to.

Even though Sunmi going solo now, her first comeback with the new agency was strong enough to conquered up the music chart, she worked up with TEDDY from THE BLACK LABEL, and YG Entertainment. For me seeing the new Sunmi is more fascinating, because she’s able to explore her other artistry sides. In 2018 she collaborated once again with Teddy for her single Heroine. Sunmi participated on both songs, and I really like it, as expected Teddy is a gold handed song writer.

If you see both videos Heroine, and Gashina they’re both showing the similar stories, about a girl who facing the break up, and able to survive from it, because the show must go on, even if you’re hurt. Definitely its also showing the empowerment for ladies out there not to afraid to experience a break up, because we’ll experience once later on. What I like about these two videos is that, both are really aesthetic, and they filmed beautifully. The props were great, the fashion of the music videos are also perfect to emphasis the character that Sunmi is playing. Sunmi said that her other sides are actually shown in the Gashina’s music video.

Not to mentioned Sunmi is really growing as an artists, although she also had a successful charted songs like 24 Hours, and Full Moon, she’s still trying to learn about her artistry, and herself. I think that sometimes moving to another agency might have been difficult, because we need to fit in with the new families, but Sunmi did the right move. She’s able to explore more about herself, and actually that move also helped her out to collaborated with the new producers, song writers. I could say that her dancing are also more free ( I don’t know how to explain it), but you can see that in Heroine the dancing is more like a contemporary dance, also with Gashina. But it has something to do with her image too, I think she looks cooler now, although she’s always be cool before. Anyways all the best for Sunmi 🙂

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