I heard the news that XXXTentacion was shot today, being at age 20 he was the same age like me right now. I took life for granted having my best life all the time, without really appreciate the meaning of hard work of my parents. He’s living his best life, and always be remembered. I did not growing up in the tough household, everything was super perfect, I could say I live in a fortress, my parents are my shield, they protected me, and I still live full expenses from my parents.

My heart can’t take this damage
And the way I feel, can’t stand it

Never age. Never die. Live forever in that one last white-hot moment, when the crowd screamed.
When every note was a heartbeat. Burn across the sky.
You will never grow old. They will never say you died.
That’s the deal. You will be the greatest musician in the world.

Live fast. Die young.

And there’s a little throwback when he participated with the 88rising family, with the song GOSPEL, you’ll always be remembered XXXTENTACION we love you, and thank you for creating such an amazing music during the time of your life. And for all of you out there just want to remind you, that crime, violence will not put a problem to solve to an end, violence is not the best way to communicate, and it will only generate hates..But let’s make XXXTENTACION proud of the fans, if they end this violence.

One last song that I really love from XXXTENTACION..

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