Hii guys for those who already read my blog they must know that I’m on my stress period, hence I love to listen to chill music. I listen to chillhop, even to gospel these days, yup I just found out some dope gospel songs. Anyways this post is going to be about THEY., so THEY. is a duo group consist of Dante Jones, and Drew Love.

THEY. debuted back in 2015, and I already fall in love with them the moment I listen to their song Dante’s Creek, actually there are two versions, the remix one they have the South Korean’s R&B artist Dean. But recently I love Pops, I think Pops got such a deep meaning, because it depicted a relationships between a son, and a father. Its important to me because I can relate to it, as I’m not someone that super close with my dad, but in the recent 2 years I’m working on that 🙂

As for the recent ones Drew Love collaborated with The Chainsmoskers as well, to be honest I’m not a fan of EDM, but I could give this a pass, Drew’s vocal is really give the balance from the EDM tempo of The Chainsmokers. Nonetheless there is no reason why I don’t like EDM that much, but especially during my stress period I don’t prefer upbeat songs. But the song is great I could give this song a thumb up 🙂 I like the music video too, because I love the paintings.

What I like about THEY. they don’t really have that heavy R&B influence, I mean for today’s music its hard when you only focused at particular genre, people are more open these days towards a genreless music. Probably the reason is because it helps them to open their oppurtunity to work with other artist from different background of music. My other favourite from THEY. is the song titled U-RITE, I discovered this after the single with Dean was out hehehe..(FYI guys I’m not a total K Pop fans, I’m pretty sure I’m open to other artists) THEY. is such a fascinating artist because they inspired by artists like Kurt Cobain

Last but least they have this song called Working For It, they have the version with Zhu, and Skrillex, but they also have the remix one I supposed with Rich Brian. Again this song I could say its similar to EDM song, and I’m not a fan of it, but I could still give it a pass, because I still consider this song, listanable to me 🙂 This song is quiet romantic in a way, so I think you can listen to this when you’re at  light bar, or probably a casual dinner. I could say I love the song. For the record this song was included for Zhu’s album

Soo guys what do you think about THEY. ? Have you check them out ? let me know if you checked them already 🙂

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