Last week Mr. Tupac Shakur could have been turning to 47 y.o, but angels are going to comeback to soon, to fast to live, too young to die, live fast die young. I was born 2 years later, so I don’t really know what Tupac is like in the media. I haven’t able to draw or making collage in the last month so I expressed myself by a form of writing. Disclaimer I was born in a homogenous community, in which mostly is like 1 race. But music introduced me to tons of races, and culture. Although I’m not part of African-American culture, we do experience racism back in my home country, the identity of being a Chines-Indonesian, and the Indonesian community. But for me, I was born, and raised in Indonesia, hence I considered myself as Indonesian, and I hold the norms of Indonesia. But again this is going to be a tribute to the late Mr. Tupac Shakur, who I adored based on the now media.

I shall not fear no man but God
Though I walk through the valley of death
I shed so many tears 
Please God walk with me

I watched the docu movie about Tupac Shakur in 2017-ish I heard that the movie wasn’t good as expected, but that year I was introduced to various things of hip hop. Firstly I do understand that he got so much respects from the younger generations, especially who got the chance to lisBjroJoRCYAAhnGH.jpgten to him, but I wasn’t I was born in 1998. Tupac got shoot on the day my younger brother has his birthday. Although people labelled rappers are misogynous, to me there are some lyrics that’s out there speaking about racism, and more. I’m the most timid people alive, but when I listen or seeing them saying like that it shows that God actually taking care those people.  180404-tupac-getty-images-800x600.jpg

I’m scared of getting bullied because sometimes I like things differently, and I repeat I’m the most not so responsible human alive, and most of times I lost my hope as a human being but listening to those guys helped me to have a little hope. At first I haven’t write about Tupac because I don’t want to write something wrong, because I wasn’t there when he was alive. But I do respect him ,with a lot of things going on, not a lot of people are brave enough to talk about God, racism and more.

I think what he said is true ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME, because nobody else can, or to do so, considering people are falling into sins already. I know that its going to be a little rant, but most of his songs are still relatable to the current situations like Changes. Don’t you see people are  going crazy about the immigrant, and the law. People are still fighting about racism. With the song Only God Can Judge Me, people at church telling us what to do, what’s good, and what’s not, but they’re doing a corruption themselves. I never know that God want us to do a corruption, especially inside His community. Those motherf*cker telling me that listening to my music genre is a sin. But let me telling you this WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME.

They’re good at preaching, and they always put this testimonies at church being too magical, but they ain’t no different without the people who doesn’t believe in God. I guess people like Pac, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West. they’re not perfect, they ain’t no saint either. But when they speak they’re not judging people in the most not humane ways. They may not be a preacher, and yet they’re speaking the true self of themselves. I guess no body is perfect, and its not different no matter what’s your race, religion, your identity. We’re all going to miss Tupac Shakur, and he will always be remembered.

“so I say, do what you want to do, give me whatever time you want, because I’m not in your hands. I’m in GOD’s hands” – Tupac Shakur


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