Cred : DJ Booth

I just watched BET Awards 2014, and I want to say that August Alsina is amazing artist, he won Best New Artist, in he competed with Ariana Grande at that time.August Alsina mostly combined his R&B music style with hip hop music, he’s been collaborated with Nicki Minaj back 2014, which also nominated for BET Awards 2015.

The song No Love, is a R&B song, you can appreciate Nicki Minaj vocal on this song apart from that Nicki Minaj also giving the touch of her rapping game on the music, giving the song more “flavour”. I think hip hop music is really big right now, and I think almost in every song at the moment at least you can find the featuring artist(s) is/are rapper(s). In my opinion, you need to check him out, if you’re a fan of Usher, because I think they both have that R&B and hip hop music, and I know its a little bit hard to get the new goal to conquering the previous achievements. But actually his new songs (1 year ago) are actually very nice, although its not as hype as the previous release, although I often say that views don’t really matter, but in some cases you views help to promote the music itself, but honestly the songs are more under rated than before.

For example like song Wait, I don’t think the music is bad, I think its a very remarkable song, but I think sometimes people now stick with one artists, and they don’t listen to the other ones, like the like the songs that are trend right now, but sometimes people don’t even know the artists’ older songs (me sometimes). But yeah check him more, I’m very sure you guys will love his music. I think I really like Wait, because its very laid back, and chill, you can imagine yourself on the music video too.

One of my favourites from him is actually Don’t Matter, they have 2 versions of Don’t Matter, the remix version has Zayn Malik on it so I could say its definitely help the music to be more well known, I think people these days are getting obsessed with boy groups again, so either the groups is disbanded or not if you have a strong fan base for yourself, you’re good to make it. So I love both version of Don’t Matter, although I prefer the original version more, but I love Zayn Malik, I think he is such an amazing artist too. Zayn’s voice also has that husky voice, and it blends in well with August’s vocal considering they have different tones. So to close everything up, I think he’s one of the best musicians out there, you know things happen sometimes when you go for hiatuses.

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