Not long ago, the K Pop singer Holland just released a new music called I’m So Afraid, to be honest his voice is quiet nice, he mostly has a lot of influence of R&B on his songs.


Holland is a KPop singer with birth name Go Tae Seob, he is one of the openly gay artists in South Korea. His debut single called Neverland was quiet gathering few attention. In an interview with SBS Pop Asia, he revealed that coming out as a gay person was a hard time, because he was bullied back in the middle school. But more than that I think his musics are very interesting to look at.

To me I’m So Afraid is the best one given by Holland so far, its one of the most honest song from him by far, and its quiet artistic as well. There’s a little bit of dance influence in the song, with the imagery of a dancer dancing around Seoul City. The song might be talking about over coming, coming out as gay, or the judgements coming from the society for being gay. Living outside from my own country, I’ve been meeting friends of mine who are gay, and trans. I really appreciate what they’re doing because they’re very brave, I could not imagine myself in the position where I’m confuse with my own identity. Facing the judgements for being different itself is totally hard, but the judgements regarding our identity could be very traumatised.

The song I’m So Afraid is the total opposite of the prequel but you can hear the similar beats along the song. I have to give him 4 thumbs up for being brave showing part of him that is gay to the world out there, and not being afraid (maybe) for being judge from the Asia community that I think its a little bit more conservative than the Wests.

So guys what do you think about Holland’s music ? Let me know on the comment section(s). I could find the understanding why people think its a little bit awkward to see Holland’s music video(s), but I think he got one that’s different from most of male solo artists from South Korea. There was an interview conducted by DKDTV about the younger people toward Holland music video and the LGBTQ community in South Korea, hope you enjoy.


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