Rumour has it that Park Bom is going back as a singer, she is now signed with D Nations (shout out to all the fans that giving and spreading the informations). The last song in which Park Bom was in it, was for 2NE1 last farewell song, in 2017 titled Goodbye.

Does anyone know?
How it makes me feel?

The song Goodbye is too sad, even the music video is very hard to be explain by the fans because there are so many memories from the group that left the fans to tears. To be honest these days fans are more pay attention to the 24 hrs streaming. well it does helpful to promote the artists success rate, but these days fans forget the simple the better quote. People are too observed with the looks, and the power dance given by the idols, with 2NE1 themselves, they showing image that no other girl group these days could follow.

The fans quickly spreading the news that Park Bom will be releasing new music through the new agency, and it will be release on November 2018. The anticipating artist also has been quiet active with the social media as well, in which adding more excitement to the fans, she will work with her new music producer Scotty Kim, and creative director Ray Yeom. Based on some posts that I found it stated that Scotty Kim has been working with artists like Jason Derulo, and more in the US, but I spotted on social media that Scott also hanging out with R&B singer Mario who collaborated with Ne-Yo, and Timbaland in the past.

Its definitely quiet an interesting journey for Park Bom with the new agency, these days I think the independent agencies are also getting highlighted by the international form as well. Although there will be obstacle to face, and lots of challenge but Park Bom will surely do well considering she’s able to speaks English as well. Although I don’t hate YG but they’re known to get delays on the music release for its artists, and the bias on his social media for its artists, while artists from the independent agencies releasing more music, and actually it helps the artists to grow from the harsh critiques from the public.

Well to me that’s my opinion, but its important to get more critiques, and reviews as much as we could so we could grow. For example like DPR Live, he got the chance to perform at SXSW 2018, and he’s not coming from the biggest agency in South Korea, I think the independent, and underground artists got their own niche to show because most of them are different compare to the K Pop groups. Another example is SUNMI, thats going big for her single Gashina (work with TEDDY from YG), there’s a little chance for Park Bom to re work with Teddy, but for example MINZY she got the chance to work with Stereotypes. So it will be interesting to see Park Bom coming back.

PARK BOM’s single

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