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Last week two most memorable moments happened on the same day, the World Cup Final, and the Wimbledon Final. The thing is Roger Federer did not get into the final, and we got Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic on the semifinal, and it was very interesting. Its been the most roller coaster journey for Djokovic I believe, for not having a major title in a year. But this year Wimbledon, he nailed it beating Rafael Nadal on the semis making him back to the top 10, and yup he won the title, congrats Djoker.


Let’s take a moment where tennis also taking part of the popular culture, I really like Roger Federer, because of his style, and his manner, he shown the maturity as a player as the time goes by, and although he lost he still got the respect. I knew that he’s on the age where he nearly retire, but I really want to meet him once before he retire.


Straight bananas, can a nigga, see me?
Got the US Open, advantage Jigga
Serve like Sampras, play fake a rappers like a campus
Le Tigre, son

Pete Sampras in known to be one of the best tennis player, and one of his serve considered as the best serve in the history. Here Jay Z using the comparison for being the best out of the best to the “fake rappers”. I never seen Pete Sampras playing style, but I know that Roger on several occasions play against him, and I feel that’s why Roger is the players that people really love in the Open Era.


Nothin’ but, nothin’ but net, is you Roger or Novak?
You still are no match, you get no rematch

When this song released Roger Federer was top 3, but with 20 grand slams (including 2018 accomplishments), Roger Federer is currently hold the most grand slams title so he considered the best out of the best. But on this lyrics he compared Novak which has the younger spirit, and Roger started to faded away. But in 2017 ish Federer is back to the game 🙂 🙂


Serving all Bitches, U.S open
Pete Sampras with the backhand bitch

Again on this song there is the comparison using Pete Sampras’ skills in which considered the best out of the best. On this lyrics he used the comparison to get a girl, to me yeah that’s how I understand.


Style on Nadal, I’ve been serving y’all lately, cheddar on Federer
Ball till I fall, et cetera, et cetera

There is the reference for two the best tennis players right now, Federer and Nadal. Although they both have different styles of play, both are friends outside the court too, so there’s not rivalry description on the song.


Roger Federer Rolex, my wrist royal

This song is referring the status of Federer and Rolex, but as you guys may know Roger got a contract with the watch brand, but at the same time you can see the reference of Rolex in many hip hop songs because you made it as you got Rolex. But on the song Daytona it could be the reference to the circuit, and the watch Rolex Daytona as well, its known to be one of the best Rolex’s production.


I’m servin’ this track like, Steffi Graf, yeah
Roger Federer; there’s no competitors

Lil Wayne here use Steffi Graf and Federer as the legends, as you could tell the song is SportsCenter, you can hear a bit from sounds from sports events, like the noise of the shoes’ frictions. Steffi Graf is one of the most dominant athlete during her time, she married to fellow tennis player Andre Agassi.


It reads Arthur Ashe died from AIDS, no
That’s murder, nigga

Arthur Ashe is a tennis player that contacted the HIV during his blood transfer. According to his friends he not even once asking why he is the one that was contacted with the HIV during the blood transfusion. Arthur Ashe stadium for the US Open tournament is dedicated to him, and on ESPY’s there is one category to honour his name. Also he is one of the most notable people from the African-American for tennis. There is a documentary film by BBC, here and its amazing. I don’t know but its also part of conspiracy as well regarding the HIV/AIDS.

So guys what do you think about the song lists above ? do you have more songs dedicated to the tennis players ? my favourite tennis player is Roger Federer what about you ?

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