You guys knew that I love blackbear, I posted a post for my favourite songs from him, and Mansionz is a duo with Mike Posner, the guy that sing the song I Took A Pill in Ibiza, yup we all know the song right (?). The thing is I just know about their their collaborative […]

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For someone that loving the R&B songs from South Korea you guys definitely will be familiar with Wheesung, I post a glimpse of him on The Call post. Before YG Entertainment is big as now, he was signed to YG Entertainment, and even collaborated with G Dragon, Gummy, Masta Wu, Se7en, and 1TYM, from other […]

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+Ariana Grande Sweetener+

The upcoming album Sweetener by Ariana Grande is raising attention, because firstly she got one of the title track God is a Woman, firstly I don’t see it as an offensive on any religion(s), because since its part of a title you need to capitalised and also its talking about the woman/women, girls empowerment. Its […]

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