+Steven Gerrard+

If you know me since I was a teenager (kid), you must know that I’m a fan of England, and Steven Gerrard. Back in 20 May 2015 it was his last game for Liverpool ever, as a result I was so heartbroken, because the moment I saw “This is Anfield” all I imagine was Steven […]

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OFFONOFF is a duo group from South Korea, based on the label HIGHGRND, they are Colde, and 0Channel, most of their music are based on hip hop, alternative R&B and electronica. I’m very sure if you’re a fan of underground hip hop music from South Korea you should check them out. They recently released a […]

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+Mac Miller’s Swimming+

This August, Mac Miller released his album Swimming, its his fifth studio album and the album composed of 13 tracks in which I’m going to pick 3 of my favourite from the album. First of all the cover is super aesthetic, and its a contrasts to the title swimming that’s involving water, because its almost […]

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