+Denzel Curry Ta13oo Review+

Denzel Curry releasing his album called Ta13oo this year, with a music video released by far for CLOUT COBAIN, I really hate clown because its scary, and surprisingly the song was full of sad beautiful tragic. I’m going to picked up 3 song ; CLOUT COBAIN, SIRENS, and SUMO, I think that the album also has different […]

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Hiii guys recently I really have a tough days and I really doubting myself, sometimes because I’m in my 20s, and I’m the oldest out of 2 siblings (so I got another brother) I don’t want to be the burden of my family, and its really hard talking about it. When it comes to my […]

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+Arthur Ashe+

Arthur Ashe was one of the most greatest tennis player of all the time, sadly he passed 5 years before I was born, he was died to AIDS related disease that he got from an infected blood during his operation of his heart surgery, I personally love the quotes by him, and his legacy, as […]

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