LSD just released a music video for Thunderclouds not long ago, their debut album will be released soon by this year. I posted about the other two previous released over here, I really love the creative direction of this group. The thing there are times that the art of the music video in the US […]

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+Congratzzzz NAOMI OSAKA+

Naomi Osaka won the US Open against Serena Williams, for the US OPEN 2018, Naomi is the first Japanese tennis player from both sides female, and male to win the grand slam title. Nonetheless congratulations for both ladies who are equally incredible during the match. I love both Serena, and Naomi I think they are […]

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+fangirl mode+

There are music linked below !!!!!!!!!!! What I learned from football players is that although you might have a tough game on the field, you’re still human. We might have different belief, but what makes me appreciate Keita is that he cleaned up the mosque after he won the game, before the international break. And […]

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