+Dudley Road Records+

Hii guys I really hope that you guys are feeling well. Have you ever heard of Dudley Road Records ? If no its a music label established back in October 2017, by the football player Daniel Sturridge (the music videos are linked below). The football player who play for both England, and Liverpool, and he […]

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+Premier League+

So next week, Premier League will start soon, rather than a team supporters I’m more into the players 🙂 I really love Jesse Lingard, Dele Alli, Paul Pogba, Kyle Walker, Daniel Sturridge, Danny Welbeck, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Eden Hazard. I know its super random right ? Maybe some of you guys probably saying my favourite […]

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+GRM Daily+

Guys, please bear with me you’ll find amazing music, GRM Daily was known as Grime Daily founded by Kobe “Posty” Hagan, the website is similar with XXL in the US, or HipHop DX, its particularly high lighted the underground artists, and the known artist in the UK. They even have an award show called Rated Award, […]

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Grime Coming to Down Under

I have a little knowledge regarding grime, to me it sounds like hip hop but its not really that hip hop music. Recently Eskimo Dance announced their tour dates to Australia, including Melbourne !!! Artists such as Big Shaq, Little Bizzle, P Money are coming too. Recently grimes has been quiet successful in the world […]

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Another grime artists that featured in GRM Daily just released a music titled Danny Welbeck, you guessed it right its the Arsenal’s and England’s forward. On my previous posts I posted a lot of Dele’s and Jesse’s right ? but yeah Danny got too :). Not so long ago Danny got an interview alongside, Krept […]



cred : Lily Bertrand-Webb from i-D Have you ever listen to Dave yet ? he is one of the most prominent artist in UK on the rising. On the interview with Versus, the England star Dele Alli stated that he loved the song that Dave wrote about him (the song 100M’s). “Yeah, I saw that! (Laughs) […]

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+football & grimes+

Hii guys with the World Cup is coming over, I’m a fan of football (again), but this time is a little bit different, I’m more into the off court/field fans, but skills are still important too, so I feel like in this era, social media is really huge on connecting with the fans, but its […]

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+Dele Alli’s Playlist+

So guys my defer exam will be held next 17 July 2018, it makes me nervous to the last, because the thing is the subject is not my forte. Also although they’re not going to the final, I think Dele Alli’s music taste is one of the bests out there. On the interview with Versus, […]

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I knew that England did not make it to the final, its definitely sad for everybody who at this point really support England, but don’t worry we still have third place fight. But honestly its been a while since I following football match, I haven’t really into a match ever since Steven Gerrard retired. But […]