So guys sorry for MIA for a day, I would say this time I would write about G EAZY, actually you can’t lie that’s he’s good looking lad right ? Just look at the style, its very dandy, very James Dean. The thing with rappers right now is that, they wore bunch of baggy clothes, […]

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+Dudley Road Records+

Hii guys I really hope that you guys are feeling well. Have you ever heard of Dudley Road Records ? If no its a music label established back in October 2017, by the football player Daniel Sturridge (the music videos are linked below). The football player who play for both England, and Liverpool, and he […]

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+Denzel Curry Ta13oo Review+

Denzel Curry releasing his album called Ta13oo this year, with a music video released by far for CLOUT COBAIN, I really hate clown because its scary, and surprisingly the song was full of sad beautiful tragic. I’m going to picked up 3 song ; CLOUT COBAIN, SIRENS, and SUMO, I think that the album also has different […]

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Hiii guys recently I really have a tough days and I really doubting myself, sometimes because I’m in my 20s, and I’m the oldest out of 2 siblings (so I got another brother) I don’t want to be the burden of my family, and its really hard talking about it. When it comes to my […]

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+Mac Miller’s Swimming+

This August, Mac Miller released his album Swimming, its his fifth studio album and the album composed of 13 tracks in which I’m going to pick 3 of my favourite from the album. First of all the cover is super aesthetic, and its a contrasts to the title swimming that’s involving water, because its almost […]

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In the recent years, the understanding of luxury goods have been change a lot. Before hand although sneakers collecting is huge in some communities, but its not as coveted as now. Even the fashion that people looking forward too are different, before when we seeing the word luxury brands, all I imagine is this lady […]

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As you guys may know I’m a fan of Verbal, the designer of AMBUSH, I definitely knew about Teriyaki Boyz, since I was a kid and suddenly I knew that Verbal was part of it, and designing a accessories line. I really miss Teriyaki Boyz, but Verbal is participated in group like PKCZ, and HONEST […]

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The Japanese girl group BANANA Lemon is releasing LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, music video. The video consisted some powerful dancing moves, and all the girls are really channeling their girl crush image. Rather than showing the cutesy sides of J Pop they really go bold on this video, and proofing that Japanese artists […]