+Watches and Hip Hop+

The watches is became part of the music culture, as it was highly used on rapper’s lyric. Although Rolex is not part of the trinity, but they really a symbol of success, its really a truly iconic watch, and its just truly an amazing watch. When I was young I remember when my parents took […]

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For the record guys I’ve zero knowledge about sneakers, or trainers but I’ve to say my brother loves it, and I’m just not a trainerhead or sneakerhead. However I do appreciate those who loves it, and here’s a glimpse on the relation to music industry. I’ll try my best to see the references on the […]

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So guys I know that people are asking what is be@rbrick the thing with toys its collectible and its a hobby. There are a difference between the hypebeast type of person vs people who really like collecting items. First of all Hypebeast people are, people who trying to catch up with certain level of life style, and I don’t think I could pull that […]

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+KAWS on Popular Culture+

In Melbourne we have a show of MoMA Exhibition, basically there’s a lot of amazing art pieces on the gallery, today I went there with my friend Cik Ica, and it was amazing 🙂 but I got an unplanned buying, and yup as you could the see KAWS BFF Blue MoMA version. To me I’ve […]

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+Totoro and Music+

Totoro is usually related to something soft, fluffy things, the character has been very iconic to the kids, and those people who love the Ghibli Studio films. Not to mentioned actually the character that’s released on 1988 are actually the spirit of the forest. I know that’s its weird but if I have a nightmare, […]

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