+Guilty 2.0+

So I finally did the exam today, and honestly it was one of the most tempting moments in my life, and I failed to fight the tempts. Actually I wasn’t expected that there will be a few same questions. I actually hoping that this time I got it right. And honestly even before the exam […]

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+You’re Loved People !+

Hii guys so I opened up this YouVersion app, and I started to have plan, today I got Psalm 6 : 1 – 10, but I really love verse 2 “Have mercy on me, LORD, for I am faint; heal me, LORD, for my bones are agony.  For the record you’ll find some amazing songs […]

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Hiii guys recently I really have a tough days and I really doubting myself, sometimes because I’m in my 20s, and I’m the oldest out of 2 siblings (so I got another brother) I don’t want to be the burden of my family, and its really hard talking about it. When it comes to my […]

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In the recent years, the understanding of luxury goods have been change a lot. Before hand although sneakers collecting is huge in some communities, but its not as coveted as now. Even the fashion that people looking forward too are different, before when we seeing the word luxury brands, all I imagine is this lady […]

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trying to fit in

I have no idea at this moment, there’s a constant battle inside my head that’s screaming negatively about myself, maybe from the outside I’m so happy, but its not. I do have problems that not everybody knows about it, or I just not able to openly talk about it.I’m so scared to fail in my […]

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Hii guys after looking back I think I know what’s my problem is, is that I never really let God walk my life. Again for this post is more about my personal life instead of having fun only 🙂 But you’ll get twenty one pilots, Kendrick Lamar, BewhY, and Kanye West and more if you […]

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Hii guys I know that you guys might be a little confused on why I posted bible verses or gospel songs, but at times where I’m not really comfort, or feel at peace these songs kind of help to cheer me up, that there’s nothing to worry about, and everyone make mistakes, and I just […]

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