+Rag’n’Bone Man+

In the past couple of years I feel like a lot of British artists making it big on the US, one of the artist that very alluring to my ears these days is Rag’n’Bone Man, I really like the deep, baritone voice from him that showing a lot of power, yet its still showing the excruciating feels […]

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OFFONOFF is a duo group from South Korea, based on the label HIGHGRND, they are Colde, and 0Channel, most of their music are based on hip hop, alternative R&B and electronica. I’m very sure if you’re a fan of underground hip hop music from South Korea you should check them out. They recently released a […]

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+KAWS on Popular Culture+

In Melbourne we have a show of MoMA Exhibition, basically there’s a lot of amazing art pieces on the gallery, today I went there with my friend Cik Ica, and it was amazing 🙂 but I got an unplanned buying, and yup as you could the see KAWS BFF Blue MoMA version. To me I’ve […]

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Labrinth is a British musician, and he recently collaborated with SIA, and Diplo on a collective, I’ve posted about the collective too 🙂 LSD=Labrinth SIA Diplo I personally think that his music is amazing. Although I just recently dive to Labrinth’s music after the LSD thing-y I really fell in love with his music, because […]

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+ZICO’s Soulmate+

Recently ZICO just dropped a single titled Soulmate, he’s also preparing for this tour, the collaboration is featuring the diva IU. IU is known for her sweet image, she has been collaborated with artists like G Dragon, Song Minho, and recently ZICO, but with ZICO its not her first time to work with ZICO, both […]

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+Tiffany’s Adventure+

So recently Tiffany’s released her music video for Over My Skin after departed from SM Entertainment. Having reading some articles it is said that working in a K-Pop agencies sometimes some of the artists are being restricted on pursuing their artistry, knowingly YG Entertainment is by far the agency that giving the artists to explore […]

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You guys knew that I love blackbear, I posted a post for my favourite songs from him, and Mansionz is a duo with Mike Posner, the guy that sing the song I Took A Pill in Ibiza, yup we all know the song right (?). The thing is I just know about their their collaborative […]

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For someone that loving the R&B songs from South Korea you guys definitely will be familiar with Wheesung, I post a glimpse of him on The Call post. Before YG Entertainment is big as now, he was signed to YG Entertainment, and even collaborated with G Dragon, Gummy, Masta Wu, Se7en, and 1TYM, from other […]

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+Ariana Grande Sweetener+

The upcoming album Sweetener by Ariana Grande is raising attention, because firstly she got one of the title track God is a Woman, firstly I don’t see it as an offensive on any religion(s), because since its part of a title you need to capitalised and also its talking about the woman/women, girls empowerment. Its […]

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