+Arthur Ashe+

Arthur Ashe was one of the most greatest tennis player of all the time, sadly he passed 5 years before I was born, he was died to AIDS related disease that he got from an infected blood during his operation of his heart surgery, I personally love the quotes by him, and his legacy, as […]

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+Steven Gerrard+

If you know me since I was a teenager (kid), you must know that I’m a fan of England, and Steven Gerrard. Back in 20 May 2015 it was his last game for Liverpool ever, as a result I was so heartbroken, because the moment I saw “This is Anfield” all I imagine was Steven […]

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OFFONOFF is a duo group from South Korea, based on the label HIGHGRND, they are Colde, and 0Channel, most of their music are based on hip hop, alternative R&B and electronica. I’m very sure if you’re a fan of underground hip hop music from South Korea you should check them out. They recently released a […]

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+Mac Miller’s Swimming+

This August, Mac Miller released his album Swimming, its his fifth studio album and the album composed of 13 tracks in which I’m going to pick 3 of my favourite from the album. First of all the cover is super aesthetic, and its a contrasts to the title swimming that’s involving water, because its almost […]

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I’m a huge fan of Roger Federer, why simply because he is one of the most respectable sportmans outside the court, and inside the court. Rather than being a scary looking, or intimidating person, he was more respectable and I think that’s the most important thing ever in your life. At age 37 winning 20 […]


+Steph Curry+

Doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have or don’t have… All you need to have is faith in God, an undying passion for what you do and what you choose to do in this life, and a relentless drive and the will to do whatever it takes to be successful in whatever you […]

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In the recent years, the understanding of luxury goods have been change a lot. Before hand although sneakers collecting is huge in some communities, but its not as coveted as now. Even the fashion that people looking forward too are different, before when we seeing the word luxury brands, all I imagine is this lady […]

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As you guys may know I’m a fan of Verbal, the designer of AMBUSH, I definitely knew about Teriyaki Boyz, since I was a kid and suddenly I knew that Verbal was part of it, and designing a accessories line. I really miss Teriyaki Boyz, but Verbal is participated in group like PKCZ, and HONEST […]

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The Japanese girl group BANANA Lemon is releasing LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, music video. The video consisted some powerful dancing moves, and all the girls are really channeling their girl crush image. Rather than showing the cutesy sides of J Pop they really go bold on this video, and proofing that Japanese artists […]